Been awhile since your last shock service? The fluid in your suspension should be replaced once a year depending on the frequency of your riding. If it's been awhile since you changed out the fluid on your shock and charged your nitrogen reservoir send it our way and we can change it out for you using our state of the art shock vacuum pump. 85$ covers the labor, oil and nitrogen charge. If you need additional parts to service just let us know.

Shock Service

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  • At DirtBike GURU we utilize a shock vacuum pump to bleed all the air out of the shock before filling the reservoir with shock oil. This is the correct and only way to bleed your suspension to eliminate all possible air bubbles from the system. 


    We also offer re-valving for a complete tuning to your riding ability, weight, and terrain. The prices on this vary based on the parts needed to complete the job (springs, valves, shims) so just contact us and we can get you a more accurate quote to get your bike performing the way you want it too.

  • We are located in Houston, Texas so if you would like to ship in your forks for a quick repair. Let us know and we will provide a shipping quote.


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