Suspension Tuning

Stay Planted

We have everything you need to get your bike cornering on a dime and going wherever you point it. At DirtBike GURU we can handle everything from a fork seal replacement to suspension re-valving. We are a certified Race-Tech dealer and highly recommend the Gold Valving kit to get your bike tuned to perfection for your riding style and terrain.

Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Reliable Repair and Service You Can Trust

Bike making a strange noise or not running correctly. Bring it in for a full diagnostic service and repair. We have all the correct tools and components to get your engine running correctly and reliably so you can feel comfortable on the track or trails.

General Maintenance

Oil Changes to Tires

Extremely busy and don't have the time to keep your bike up to speed it deserves? Bring in your bike for a quick turn around maintenance interval. We do everything from tire changes to valve shims. Whatever the job we can get you taken care of quickly so you can get back on your bike.


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